Vaccine Clinic Volunteers


We are looking for volunteers to assist with our COVID vaccination clinics.

Volunteer Roles include:

Greeters and Runners: Assist with general clinic functions such as greeting people upon arrival, assisting with paperwork, helping people navigate the clinic, keeping work stations stocked, etc.

Vaccinators: Health care professionals licensed to administer vaccines

Vaccine Assistants: Assist in monitoring people post-vaccine, provide information/instructions, assist with scheduling next appointments, etc.

Note: The vaccine clinics are busy and require you to be on your feet and walking for extended periods.  We may have limited opportunities for volunteering that does not involve walking.  If you may be interested in one of these more limited opportunities, email us at

There are two steps to enrolling as a volunteer:

Once notification is received that both have been completed, you will be added to our list of volunteers and contacted as volunteer opportunities arise.  Due to the number of people registering, it may take a few weeks to be approved.  If you do not hear anything after 30 days, please email us at to let us know. The state is taking a long time to process applications through MiVolunteer registry.